Chalean Extreme Diet

The Chalean Extreme diet is just as important as the mix of workouts this DVD set contains.  If you want to get the best results, you’ve got to follow it carefully.  For those who do the three month program and end up disappointed with the results, it is almost always because they continued eating regularly and didn’t follow the plan.

The 3 Phases Of The Chalean Extreme Diet Plan

The Chalean Extreme diet plan goes right along with the workout schedule’s three phases – Burn Phase, Push Phase and Lean Phase.  Each section is designed to give you the optimum carbohydrates you need for energy and the best protein for muscle building, while restricting foods that are going to give you fat.  After all, we’re trying to slim down here.

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During the Burn Phase, the diet is highly restricted, trading carb-heavy foods for those that are lighter and packed with nutrients.  This includes fresh vegetables and good sources of protein.  Along with the muscle building program of the Push Phase, the Chalean Extreme diet plan gets you eating lots of foods high in protein.  It also starts to get the carbs going again.  Finally, for the Lean Phase, it boosts your carb intake even higher so that you’ve got the energy you need to do the rigorous workouts.

The Chalean Fat Burning Food Guide

The program also comes with the Chalean Fat Burning Food Guide.  This is a book with over 100 recipes that all go along with the program.  The whole point is to make sure you don’t get bored with what you’re eating.  The recipes are so simple that anyone can follow them, and they’re all quite tasty.

Aside from just recipes, the Chalean Fat Burning Food Guide also has nutritional information so that you can come up with your own ideas.  One of the barriers that keep lots of people from losing weight is not understanding nutrition well.  The Chalean Extreme nutrition guide teaches you everything you need to know in order to establish better eating habits that can help you stay slim for life.

One warning about the Chalean Extreme diet plan – Don’t stop eating.  Lots of people go on starvation diets, thinking it’ll do them good by burning fat.  But this program is all about building muscle, so you need those nutrients.  It’s just as bad to eat too little as it is to eat too much.