Chalean Extreme Workout – Sticking To The Schedule

One of the things that makes the Chalean Extreme workout different from all the others is its unique schedule.  The course is divided into 3 months, each centered around a different theme.  If you follow the Chalean Extreme workout program and stick to the schedule, you’ll start seeing results fairly quickly.  There is also the diet plan that you have to follow.  The Chalean Extreme workout schedule is divided into three parts – Burn Phase, Push Phase, and the Lean Phase.

Burn Phase

The Chalean Extreme workout jumps right in and starts getting your blood pumping.  The Burn Phase is considered the toughest part of the whole workout.  You’re lifting weights and doing a variety of exercises right off the bat.  But luckily, it gives you two days off a week to rest and recuperate.  There’s also the Recharge day at the end that many find to be a welcome relief.  You’ll be a little sore, but you’ll start seeing results before this phase is over.  Many people start to see pounds coming off in as little as two weeks.

Push Phase

At the end of the Burn Phase, you’ll notice that you have more muscle strength than you had before.  You might be surprised to find that the Push Phase actually has fewer reps.  How can this be?  It’s all part of the Chalean Extreme workout schedule – the idea is to do fewer reps but more extreme exercises, now that your body can take it.

Lean Phase

The Lean Phase pushes it up again to keep the challenge going.  The Chalean Extreme workout DVD keeps mixing it up in the Lean Phase to give your muscle sets a good challenge.  You’re back to doing 10-12 reps like the Burn Phase, but they’ve got the intensity of the Push Phase.

Lean For Life Phase

There’s a fourth phase too, even though the Chalean Extreme workout plan only includes 3 months.  This is a monthly program that you can use to keep yourself fit permanently.  It mixes up all of the different workouts to give you the best of all of them.  After you finish the program, you can keep doing Lean For Life if you’ve got the time and drive for it.

The Chalean Extreme workout comes with DVDs, a calendar and the Chalean Extreme workout sheets.  These keep you on target and help you track your progress.  The set also includes the Chalean Extreme guidebook, which is designed to help walk you through.